Taking a Detour

Have you ever had a plan?  A way that you wanted your day, or week, or life to go and then everything derailed?  It can be anywhere from slightly annoying to downright maddening or discouraging to go off-book, especially when we think we know the best outcomes.  detourBut when circumstances beyond our control cause our plan to disintegrate, we have several options on how to respond.  We can let frustration overwhelm us and bring us down.  This can often exacerbate the problem, making us feel worse than the situation dictates.  We can become more anxious, allowing worry and doubt to crowd out faith and hope in our hearts.  We can become angry, blaming others for problems out of their control.  Perhaps we blame God because everything should be within His control.  Or we can do what one of my daughters’ favorite princesses suggests and just – Let it go!  We can say a prayer, offer suffering up to God and then just trust Him that we are exactly where we are supposed to be.   You are on the path on which God has placed you to do His will.  Perhaps it is to expand your own faith or teach you greater trust in Him.  Maybe it is to touch someone’s heart with a beautiful example of God’s light and love through you.  Or maybe, you need someone to touch your heart.

Whatever the detour, in life or daily plans, God know what is best for us.  And out of His love for us, He puts us exactly where we are meant to be.

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