Stained Glass Windows

Going to church in the winter, with shorter days and earlier evenings, brought something to my mind recently.  I attended mass at my parents’ church on the eve of the Solemnity of Mary a week or so ago.  St. Ann’s is the church that I attended from 6th grade until I went to college – a lovely older stone church with beautiful stained glass windows up and down the sides and in the towers of the church.

As I walked up to the church before mass that evening, I was struck by the beauty of the stained glass images shining out from the inside of the lighted church.  The myriad of colors told brightly colored stories of the Bible in the dark, cold night.  Upon entering the church, the stained glass windows became somewhat muted.  Still lovely in their craftsmanship, they did not have the brightness of the colors shining through them.

Realizing how little I could see from the inside that night, I was reminded how those same windows reflect the beautiful sunlight through them during the bright daytime hours, sometimes making the inside of the church exceedingly bright.Stained glass

And it came to my mind that night that we, as Christians, are kind of like those stained glass windows, or at least, we need to be.

On bright, beautiful days, we need to reflect the light of Christ to others, allowing Him to shine through us.  Only with the brightness of His love can we shine into other people’s lives, coloring their vision with our faith in Him. Stained glass at night

On dark, cold nights, when despair and loneliness seem to echo in the outside world, we need to be the bright light in the darkness, reflecting the glow of Christ in our hearts.  Through the faith in our hearts we can shine out to others who need to see the hope and goodness of the Lord.

May we all be beautiful stained glass windows reflecting the light of the Son through us to others and shining into the darkness of the world.

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