Reflections for the End of the School Year

summer So, I may be ready for summer – long leisurely days reading books on the couch, hanging out by the pool, taking outings to the library, park or local petting zoo, mediating skirmishes between my children….  But I’m not ready for the end of school.

Perhaps it’s because it just now feels like spring has finally arrived and before we even have a chance to enjoy it, bam!  It’s summer!  Perhaps it’s because the end of the school is the end of another year.  I no longer have a 4th grader, 2nd grader and preschooler.  Now when people ask them what grade they are in, we move up another year.

I know it’s so cliché to say that time really flies and they grow up so fast, but I truly feel like since the kids have entered school, we seem to be stuck on fast-forward.  Now I am measuring time in how much time we have left in elementary school, rather than how long they have been in school.

So what are some ways to make the end of this school year memorable for everyone?  Here are some ideas!  Please add some of your own!

  1.  Attend Field Day and watch your kiddos run around like crazy playing games with their classmates and teachers.end of school
  2. Have your kids make cards for their teachers.  They love to have personal notes from their students.
  3. Don’t miss those end-of-the-year activities – talent show, awards assembly, concerts!
  4. Write a personal note to your children’s teachers.  Let them know how important they have been in your child’s life.  And remember, this is hard for them too – teaching and loving your kids all year and then giving them up!
  5. Sign your kid’s yearbook – they will love looking back at a personal note from their mom too!
  6. Drop a little treat, like a Sonic drink, by for your teachers who have had an effect on your child’s life this year.
  7. Set up playdates and contacts for summer fun!
  8. Make a list of fun activities that you and your children want to do this summer – include some inside activities for those rainy days or really hot days!
  9.  Go to the park or out to eat on their last day of school to celebrate!
  10. Hold those young ones tight and don’t let go!

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