Rededicating Ourselves to Lent

Have you realized that we are over half way through Lent?!  Have you realized that you are less than 20 days away from your chocolate, snacks, ice cream, facebook or whatever it is you have given up?  So how are you doing?  How are your Lenten promises shaping up?

I know that mine have been good and bad.  Good because I have been able to stick to some promises, but bad because I have failed to be faithful with other promises.  Perhaps you feel the same way.  But now is the perfect time to rededicate yourselves to those Lenten promises.  Maybe re-evaluate and see which ones need to be modified to accomplish.  For example, if you can’t seem to find the time to do a whole rosary each day, maybe you can find the time to just one decade.  A decade should only take about two minutes.  And after a week, you’ll have said a whole rosary!  Or maybe if you can’t resist chocolate every day, then just allow yourself one day to have a piece or two.  Just so long as you are making a sacrifice, and in turn that you are recognizing Christ’s tremendous sacrifice for us, you are refining yourself for our joyous celebration of Easter.

Lent 2

The real joy of Lent for me is first and foremost the expectant and hope-filled resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.  But I also find great joy when those little sacrifices during Lent actually stick just a little.  One year, I did resolve to say the rosary every weekday morning.  It took a few stops and starts but by the end of Lent, I finally got it.  And with it, I realized the amazing beauty of praying the rosary daily – by coming to Christ through his mother.  Now, I do not feel like my day is complete without praying the rosary.  Similarly, when I give up something throughout Lent, Easter comes and I delight in indulging in the forsaken food.  However, I also discover that I can survive without it and that makes me want to occasionally deprive myself of that food just to remind myself that Christ suffered so much, I can survive without that dessert just to remember the suffering of our Lord.

So I pray for you, that you may rededicate yourself to your Lenten promises and that you will find joy in your self-deprivation or extra dedications.  We only have a couple more weeks to go!  May you especially find Holy Week a time of great self-discovery and devout prayer to prepare you for the joyful resurrection of Christ on Easter!  And who knows, maybe your promises will last past this time of fasting and prayer!

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