Pulling Weeds – Again

I ran out early one morning this week to water three new arborvitae bushes that we are trying to keep alive through the hot season. As I put the hose on the first one, I looked around at the weeds infesting the rocks around the bushes. I suppose we could use weed killer, but with kids playing in the rocks and the warning not to get it on the bushes and trees, I’d rather not. So instead, it’s me, crouched over and pulling weeds. Some weeds come out rather easily – like random grasses and flat weeds. Even thistles, although prickly to remove, often have rather short roots, making it easy to get rid of them once and for all. But dandelions – those are the bane of my gardening existence. I suppose if I had the right tool, I could remove them more easily but I am often caught unaware, with only a few unexpected minutes to pull weeds. That morning, as I pulled some of the offending greenery, I noticed that some of the weeds I was pulling, I had obviously tried to pull before, as evidenced by a lack of leaves on some of them. Apparently, I had tried to pull them before but ended up leaving some roots behind, causing me to pull the same weeds – again. As I tugged up weed after weed, some unsuccessfully, I thought about how they were bound to come back up.Image result for pulling dandelions

Then, the Holy Spirit talked to my heart about how our sins were like those annoying weeds. Some are short-rooted and easy to pull up. Perhaps these are like our quick judgements and sinful thoughts. Those especially nasty thistles may be painful to pull up but once we get a hold on them, they come right out. These could be our feeling of doubt or our lack of faith. And then there are those deeply rooted sins that are hard to get rid of. Maybe they are long-seeded resentments or behaviors we want and need to change. These are not sins we can get rid of on our own. Like the dandelions that I unsuccessfully pull out, they continue to grow back. When we try to change ourselves, sometimes we aren’t successful. Just like that pesky dandelion, we need a tool to get rid of it. The tool instituted by Christ is Reconciliation. Some behaviors or thought, we can ask the Holy Spirit for help with. Other sins need the sacrament to allow God to precisely and exactly take it out of our lives by the roots so that it doesn’t return.

So the next time I find myself with the will and desire to weed, I’m going to make sure I have the right tool. That reminds me…. What day is Reconciliation offered?