Prayerful Down Time

Since summer began last week, I was unsurprised by the sibling squabbling, the whining, the squawking as they tease each other.  I was even ready for tBoredhe “I’m bored” and “I’m hungry!”  several times every hour.  And I have a plan in place to stop the “I’m bored” statements – I am making a Bored Bag!  Every time someone says those fateful words, they get to pick something out of the bored bag.  One of the only rules of the Bored Bag is that they are bound to do whatever they pull out.  Now it could be something totally fun like water balloons or playdough, but there are also plenty of chores too – scrub toilets, pull weeds, or sweep the garage.  Today, my five-year old proved that she had a choice in saying those two little words.  She came up the stairs from playing in the basement and said, “I’m….”  audible pause, “Mommy, have you finished making the Bored Bag yet?”  I laughed out loud at that!

But, I was faced with something totally unexpected  today.  After a rainy, stormy day of books, board games, and schoolwork, the sun came out.  And the squirrelly children evacuated the house, looking for their neighborhood friends.  Suddenly, I looked around the kitchen – the dinner was started and in the oven, the kids had picked up clutter before they left the house and Emily had even set the table.  No household tasks were pressing in on me.  An even more noticeable was that no one was in the house, demanding my attention!  Now, please note, they weren’t far away and I could still hear them chattering and squealing, but no one was saying my name repeatedly!  So, I wrote an email, glanced at Facebook, and was stunned by the silence!

windowIt was at that point that I could just barely feel that tug in my heart!  Talk to me, I could hear God say.  I didn’t have anything exciting to say, no immediate petitions, but He wanted me just to say hello to him and share with him my busy day.   God wants so much to be a part of our lives that he wants to hear the mundane and uninteresting, and He hangs on our every word as we do when our child comes home to share the adventures of their first day of school.  He just wants to be with us!

Now I doubt that this downtime will come often, nor will it last long.  (I think that only a few minutes had passed before the back door opened and my presence was required.)  But God doesn’t mind!  Granted, I’m sure that he would love to spend an hour with us at adoration, but He is also happy to slip into our quiet thoughts in those alone moment throughout the day – when we slip out to the garage to take out trash, when we sneak up the stairs to the bathroom, when we step outside to check the weather – these are little moments when we can get a little hand squeeze from God, just to know that we aren’t alone in our busy days.

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