Prayer Warriors and Saints

prayer warriors2When you have a problem, do you have a set of people you call?  Your mom?  Your sister?  Best friends?  A church prayer chain?

Christ said that “where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in their midst.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Don’t Don’t you think that applies in spirit as well as in person?  If several of us are all praying for the same intention, I believe that Christ too must be there in our hearts, in our shared petition.  And how much more uplifted you feel when you know your problems are shared with others and present in their prayers too.  I have my own set of prayer warriors who I turn to in times of great need – you know who you ladies are!  And I know that through their prayers for me, I feel supported, loved and more filled with faith than if I tried to pray it on my own.

Our shared community of believers and prayers, however, doesn’t just exist here on our earthly plane.  Who better to ask prayers from than the loved ones who are already with God in Heaven?  I love to talk to those loved ones who have died, knowing that they, out of their earthly love for me, are already praying for me.  Asking for the help of my loved ones in Heaven makes me feel especially close to those I have lost in my life – grandparents, aunts, siblings.  They too want to uplift my intentions in their own prayers.  Do you have a relative or friend you have lost that you would have requested prayers from when they were with you?  I am sure that they are already praying with you from Heaven!

Extending this even beyond prayers from loved ones we have known here on earth, we can also request the prayers of the saints!  These people walked the earth like us and always strove to become ever closer to our Lord.  They were often the ones who made tremendous sacrifices to follow God’s will – leaving family, wealth, and life comforts and sometimes even giving up their own lives to preach the Gospel and spread the good news of Jesus!  Christ wanted us to pray constantly with unceasing persistence and faith.  I can think of no better people to ask for prayers from than the Saints in Heaven.  Those who are already worshipping at the throne of God would love nothing more than to pray for your petitions as they kneel before our Lord.  Sometimes, because of their earthly experiences, the Saints have intentions that are close to their own hearts.  For example, as a mother of occasionally (okay, often!) frustrating children, St. Monica is a wonderful saint to petition because she too was a mother who for years prayed for her wayward son.  For teachers, they may ask for help from St. John Baptist de la Salle, who spent his own life devoted to educating children.  So if you encounter problems that you wish to lift to the saints, find a patron saint who has experience with similar tribulations and ask them to whisper your petitions into the ear of our Lord.

So the next time you have needs to be brought up to the altar of the Lord, give your earthly prayer warriors a call and then ask your heavenly prayer warriors to bring your needs to our Lord, as well!

Who are your beloved prayer warriors?

 prayer warriors

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