Do you have a group of moms who support and love you?  Do you have someone to compare notes with when you have a parenting question?  Do you have someone for your children to play with regularly?

All of this can be answered through a playgroup!

When I first came to our suburban Kansas town outside of Kansas City, I was a new stay-at-home-mom.  My son was 2 and my daughter only a few months old.  My husband would leave early in the morning before the children got up to get in to his new job.  And I would be faced with an entire day consisting of books that rhyme, getting snacks, feeding the baby, picking up toys, feeding the baby, doing a few household chores, a tantrum or two, feeding the baby… you get the idea.  Trips to the grocery store were occasions for adult interaction, but some of those cashiers were chatty and some, not so social.  Library day was a big deal!  I could see other moms and kids, but we rarely interacted besides a few polite words.  Still it was nice to be around people taller than 3 feet tall!  We did lots of playing in the front yard, just in case we saw some neighbors – although their children were all older.  Even in our large beautiful church, we found it to be hard to be comfortable at first because all we saw were strangers.  It was just the product of moving to a new place without any family in town.  Perhaps you have experienced the same thing.

My husband arriving home from work was celebration for everyone!  At as I patiently waited until bedtime, so he could get some quality time with the children, I was anxious for my turn just to chat with him, share our days, and say more than “You just had a snack!”

After a few months in our new home, one weekend in our church bulletin, I spotted a note about a moms’ group, offering playgroups, Bible studies, and holiday parties.  I was overjoyed and called the following day.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have regular meetings in the summer, but they suggested I join a playgroup and gave me a name and number.  I called the number and Carrie invited me to come to their next playgroup.  That was nearly 8 years ago and I am pleased to still call Carrie a dear friend!

PlaygroupThe women that I met in that first playgroup were lifesavers!  With them, I was able to see that I was normal and that my kids were normal too.  I found a place to share my faith and family experiences.  They became a support system and I pray that I was for them too.  We had babies together and eventually watched our babies go off to kindergarten.  We lamented how fast time really did fly.  We have celebrated first Reconciliations and first Communions together.  We still support each other although our children are long since out of the playgroup age.

And my first playgroup was replaced by playgroups age-fit for my younger children.  I am happy to say that I have been equally blessed with my new playgroups – again finding amazing women to share my life experiences with.

I fully believe that someday, we will shake our heads as our children throw their graduation caps in the air, attend the weddings of each other’s children and support each other as we eventually enter the non-parenting stage of our lives.

I pray that you too have a support system and if perhaps you don’t, maybe you will find that God is calling you to form that group for others.

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