Pick Me Up!

“Pick me up!  Carry me!” Parents so often hear this request – almost as much as requests for food!  My kids are a little too big topick me up carry around regularly these days – although they still get occasional piggy back rides.  But I fondly remember the days when I carried them around in my arms.  I say fondly now, because I remember at the time thinking, “If I could just put them down for a minute, I could get this or that done.  I shouldn’t have to hold them every minute of the day!”  But now that I physically can’t carry them, I remember the snuggling more than the obstruction to productivity.  Sometimes both the children and I wish that I could still pick them up – for comfort, for some special connection, for fun.  But on those occasions, I just sit down and pull them into my lap instead.  Yes, even my nearly tween 95-pound son gets pulled into my lap from time-to-time, with only minimal objection!  It makes them feel loved and loving.  It helps them know that someone cares for them and loves them so deeply.  I can imagine that when my children are all grown with children of their own and hurts and trials come their way, I would deeply wish that I could fix it by picking them up and holding them. 

God Carries childIn God’s eyes, though, we are still children – His children.  And He can still pick us up.  When life gets to be too heavy, when our legs are too tired and we have a long way to go, we can ask our Father, “Pick me up!  Please carry me!  I can’t do this on my own.”  And He, with His infinite love, patience and mercy, is just waiting for that request.  He has nothing else He wants to do but hold us and love all of our fears and anxieties away.  His comforting arms are all we need to carry us through all of our life struggles.  And His strength will be more than enough to keep us from sadness and despair.  While he carries us we can lean in close, put our head on His shoulder and feel beloved of our Father. 

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