Mary – The Immaculate Conception

Tuesday, December 8 is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception – one of my favorite Holy Days.  On this day, we honor Mary as having been conceived without original sin.  While the rest of us are all born with the stain of Adam and Eve’s first sin, Mary was saved from that blemish so that she was even created with perfection.  God chose Mary to be ever pure and sinless even before she came into being so she could be a holy vessel to carry God’s son.  But beyond just being Christ’s mother, she is our mother too, and like any mother, she loves us.  She cares for us.  She wants to bless us with graces from her son.  Mary is always ready to listen and accept us.  She wants us to ask for her intercessory prayers.

And how beautiful Mary must be both in spirit and appearance – I can only imagine.  A few Sundays ago in church, my lovely girls clung to my arms as we sung the Gloria.  I felt beautifully adorned as I looked at my smiling girls, singing their hearts out to God!  How must Mary feel when we draw closer to her!  If we give her our devotion and love, Mary’s can transform our own spiritual beauty to emulate hers.

As the Queen of Heaven, Mary is at the throne of God, next to her Son, always adoring, worshiping praising her Son and God the Father.  Allow her to whisper your needs in her Son’s ear.