Living in Love

My husband and I had the opportunity last weekend to participate in a marriage retreat at a nearby parish.  The chLiving in loveildren happily went off to Camp Grandma and we arrived early on Saturday morning at our Living in Love Retreat.

I must admit that, even though I was the one who found and pursued the retreat, I was a tiny bit skeptical about how excited the lead couple was to share the retreat with us.  We have a good marriage – we put each other’s needs ahead of our own.  We keep our family God-focused.  We discuss rather than argue.  I can honestly say that my husband is my best friend.  So when the lead couple, Ron and Kathy Faher, said that we would love this retreat and our marriages would be changed for it, I was a little unsure.

But as the day unfolded, I realized that this was a chance to have not just a good marriage, but a truly great one.  A cliving in lovehance not just to love each other but to be in love with each other too!

I can write articles after articles about everything we learned about ourselves, each other, our marriage, our God, and other amazing couples, but I’ll give you the shortened version.  In the sessions covered, we learned about ourselves – our own femininity or masculinity, how our families shape us and our relationships, and how society influences our own opinions.  W recalled sweet memories of first falling in love, shared dreams for our future and discovered new ways to enrich our current marriage.

The weekend was so emotionally exhausting and fulfilling at the same time.  We shared the sacrament of confession, shared mass together just the two of us, and met some other really amazing couples.  We also compared our marital love for each other to the love Christ has for his Church.  Exploring our marriage in the context of the whole church really holds us accountable to future generations to have a strong loving marriage.  And truly we were excited to begin to live out their suggestions.

I cannot even begin to do justice to all that we learned in this retreat, but I am so excited to love and be in love with my sweet husband.

I encourage you to enrich your own marriage!  There are a few retreats left this year in the diocease with more to come!  Check out to see when and where there are retreats in your area – to renew your marriage and fall in love with your husband all over again!

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