Lists Lists Lists!

It seems like life is more full of lists this time of the year – lists of chores and errands, lists of supplies for class parties, lists of gifts, lists of cookies to make, lists of cookie recipients… and the list goes on!  In fact, I think that I have lists of lists!

In this spirit, I thought that making a list of Christmastime fun family traditions would be fun!  I’d love to have yours added to the list to share!

  1. Driving through neighborhoods to look at the lights.
  2. Baking with my children.
  3. Sipping hot cocoa with a yummy sugar cookie.
  4. Letting the kids decorate the house with their Snow Babies from Nana and Papa.Christmas
  5. Reading children’s Christmas books.
  6. Getting the nativity out of the box piece by piece and letting the kids help set it up.
  7. Receiving a wreath gift to start off my holiday season.
  8. Getting Christmas cards from family and friends.
  9. Watching fun family movies.
  10. Going to Crown Center to see the decorations and the musical fountain display.
  11. Playing in the snow!
  12. Seeing the new church decorations and manger scene every week.
  13. Checking out the plaza lights.
  14. Watching the kids play with the Little People nativity set.
  15. Placing all the special homemade and meaningful ornaments on the tree.
  16. Lighting the advent wreath each week and letting the children blow out the candles.
  17. Seeing the sparkle in the children’s eyes brighter than the lights on the tree.
  18. Singing Away in a Manger as we place Baby Jesus in the manger on Christmas Eve.
  19. Reading the Christmas story.
  20. Sharing cookies with friends.

What would you like to add to the list?

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