Lists for Lent

In these weekly articles, I often write about what is on my mind or in my heart. During this special season of Lent, many of my articles will be about Lent and how we can make it real for our children. However, I thought that I would start off with Lenten promises and sacrifices that we as moms can make. I know that I won’t be able to accomplish all of these but here are a few ideas to choose some. I hope that you add some of your own!
1. Go to Reconciliation
2. Attend Adoration once a week
3. Pray the rosary daily
4. Attend a weekday mass
5. Tell someone you will pray for them
6. Actually pray for them!
7. Keep my patience
8. Lose my list
9. Read the Bible more
10. Go to Reconciliation
11. Attend a Bible study
12. Go through the Stations of the Cross
13. Read a daily devotional
14. Learn about a saint
15. Find 5 minutes to sit in silence with God
16. Pray on my knees
17. Bless my children
18. Thank God
19. Pray “Thy will be done.” every day in all things.
20. Go to Reconciliation

What would you like to add??

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