Lenten Promises


Lent is upon us!  Do you have plans to journey through Lent and reach Easter spiritually prepared to celebrate Christ’s resurrection?

I have been working on my own plans for spiritual development this Lent.  It seems like my Lenten promises are often like New Year’s resolutions.  I have good intentions and I work on them for maybe half of Lent, but then routine busy-ness sets in and some promises fall by the wayside by the time Palm Sunday come around.  But I’m going to try to keep it simple this year.

An article in Our Sunday Visitor last year recommended doing three things:

  1.  Giving up something – a particular food, television, facebook.
  2. Adding something to your life – reading the Bible daily, going to adoration weekly, going to an extra mass a week, praying a daily rosary.
  3. Work on one sin.

Sounds basic – right?  Now, can you personalize it for yourself?

I am going to try to:

  1. Give up chips and snacks.  Always difficult on a mom diet!
  2. Go to an extra mass each week.  Our church’s school mass on Wednesdays is right after I drop my children off at public school.  So there is really no excuse for me not to drive on over there and celebrate the mass – even if I have to drag my preschooler along!
  3. Work on one sin, knowing that I may not conquer it but hoping that by the end of Lent, it will no longer be dominate in my life.

Perhaps you would like to share some of your own ideas for your spiritual growth this Lent?  I’d love to hear them!

And check out ideas for Lenten activities with your children!


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