Inside Out

I was driving home by myself this week and I turned on the EWTN Catholic radio station.  I happened to catch an interview with a woman – a Catholic mom of five, author of a dozen books, host of a television show, public speaker and leader of pilgrimages.  I was amazed by all she had accomplished and was still continuing to work on!  And my thoughts turned to my own life and how seemingly little I had accomplished.  My head was spinning by how fast my amazement turned to self-centeredness!  Instead of marveling in the blessings that had been bestowed on this woman in all she was able to do, I quickly thought of how I filled my day with activities that may not be as constructive as it could be, thinking of all the shortcomings in my life.

Fortunately, quickly following my self-centered, somewhat selfish feelings, I recognized the tunnel that I was falling down, and put on the breaks.  I realized that I needed to turn my thoughts inside out, focusing on the needs of others in my life rather than my feelings of self-pity.  Thinking only of myself brings a lack of compassion and self-regard that cannot bring forth the Glory of God.  I came to grasp that we are not all called to be prolific writers, missionaries to the poor, or leaders in the Church.

It came to me that I actually am doing exactly what God wants me to do.  I am striving to lead my little domestic church, following God’s vocation for my own little life.  I may not be writing books about Mother Theresa or leading retreats, but I am teaching my children about stories in The Book and leading our own mini-retreats on a daily basis.  I am striving to follow God’s will for my own life, praying for those around me, and guiding my own children on the path to to church

I pray that I am doing all that God is asking of me.  And if he asks more of me, I pray that I may have the strength, compassion, and courage to answer the call.  My vocation may be small but it is a crucial part of the Kingdom of Heaven.  May the Holy Spirit guide us all as we fill our vocations, as women, wives, and mothers, leading our own domestic churches closer to our Lord!

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