Harmonizing with the Angels

angels singingThis Sunday, I was especially moved by our normal rendition of the Gloria.  The sunshine, the full choir, the front row seats all added to the stirring in my heart.  I whispered to my girls, “We are singing with the angels!” referring to the same words that the angels used to proclaim the good news of Christ’s birth.  And although our singing could not even touch the beauty of heavenly voices joyfully praising God, I felt that I would be content if I could just sing the quieter more subtle harmonies of the song.

Being an alto in high school choir, I loved being the understated, behind-the-scenes voice that complimented the lovely stand-out sopranos.  Singing the undertones, the quiet notes beneath the melody gave the song depth and fullness.  So I never minded being part of the background.  And once in a while, when the alto voices rose briefly to the forefront, it was often as a subtle but obvious refrain that lifted up the more distinct melody.

Another example comes to mind regarding this subtlety of music.  My younger sister is an accomplished French horn player, who still makes beauty pour forth as her fingers slip over the keys long after the glamour of high school band has faded.  I love listening to her play, rare though those french hornoccurrences may be, because her notes, understated and delicate, can surge to the spotlight, to illuminate the subtle beauty of the harmony.  Always there, yet difficult to distinguish at times, her refrains add expression and eloquence to the whole of the song.

How do we play music in our own lives?  Do we attempt to surge to the spotlight, turning the attention to our own needs?  Or are we content to play the more complimentary notes in the background, adding color and meaning to those around us.   With the angels working to fulfill the will of God in our lives, may we add to their efforts by creating beautiful music with each moment that accomplishes, not our own desires, but the song of our Composer.


Happy Birthday Dear Sister!!

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