Habemus Papam! We have a pope!

I don’t know about you but I couldn’t take my eyes off that chimney last week!  My daughter chimney1and I played board games in front of the television while I flipped between news stations and EWTN.  And when the white smoke arose, I felt a giddy excited joy, knowing that the Holy Spirit had guided these leaders of our Church to select a new Holy Father!  Then I could feel the anticipation of the faithful in St. Peters’ Square as the world watched those curtains on the balcony.  And as our new pope stepped out, I was balconydelighted at his humor, touched by his humility and strengthened by his words.  I was so moved as he bowed before the crowd, asking for them to pray for him!

From what I have seen and read, Pope Francis is a humble, prayerful, and evangelical man, and I, for one cannot wait to see what he does with his papacy.  His chosen name, alone, hints at where his priorities will lie.  He chose his name from two amazing men of God – St. Francis Xavier and St. Francis of Assisi.  St. Francis Xavier was one of the founders of the Jesuit order to which Pope Francis belongs.  The Jesuits are a devoted priesthood with a focus on personal education and learning as well as evangelization.  They are great students of scripture and strive to live prayerful lives.  St. Francis of Assisi was a man striving to follow God’s will.  Although he initially led the life of a rich man, he took a vow of poverty and inspired others to do the same.   He focused on rebuilding God’s church, at first quite literally brick by brick, but then by repairing the Church from the inside.  He felt that evangelization and brotherly love were the focus of his mission.

gullBetween these two saints, we can see that Pope Francis is intending to be a humble pope, a pope for the people, uplifting the poor, guiding his flock, winning souls for Christ and rebuilding God’s Church.

One last thing, did anyone else notice the bird that landed on the chimney less than an hour before the smoke arose?  Thinking that at that moment, the cardinals of our Church were selecting Pope Francis, was the bird a sign of the Holy Spirit guiding his Church?

Interesting Facts about Pope FrancisPope Francis

  • His birthday is Dec. 17, 1936.
  • He is a chemist – hooray for science!
  • As an archbishop in Buenos Aires, he cooked his own meals and rode public transportation to work each day.
  • He was ordained at the age of 33 on Dec. 13, 1969.
  • He is a fan of the Buenos Aires soccer team.
  • His Italian parents immigrated to Argentina.
  • Pope Francis, in his humility, prefers to own only one pair of shoes at a time.  Maybe now he has two pairs with the papal red shoes too?
  • Pope Francis selected his papal motto to be “Having mercy, He called him.”
  • He is such a man of the people that his security detail is having to restrategize as he steps out to greet the crowds on a daily basis.

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