Getting the Hint

When we face difficult decisions in our lives, sometimes we wish that God would send us an email and let us know what choice we should make.  If only we could hear His voice more clearly, our faith in Him would grow ever stronger.  Unfortunately, God usually doesn’t work like that.

To discern His will, we have to work harder – spend time in prayer, read the Bible, and listen for his voice in our hearts.  Sometimes his voice is spoken through others.  The Holy Spirit is able to work through those we love.  And through the words they speak can be answers to prayers.

But there is the rare occasion that God’s voice comes through loud and undeniably clear.  And then I realized that I must be careful what I pray for.  Because when God sends a more direct message to your heart, you can’t ignore it!

For example, last week in my morning prayers, I asked God to give me a closer and stronger relationship with Him.  And almost immediately, I could feel him saying “Spend some time with me.”  Automquiet timeatically, I resisted, “But I’ve got so much to do today!  Have you seen my list?  I’ve got cleaning, consigning to sort through, papers to grade, class to prep, miscellaneous paperwork…” “Spend some time with me.”…..”Okay.”

So after I shipped the kids off to school that morning, I left my list behind on the counter and went upstairs to read the Bible, pray, and more important, listen for Him.  As part of my time, I asked God to speak to me through the words of Scripture.  And once again, be careful what you ask for !  I opened the Bible to no particular place and the scripture I read said “ Remain in me, as I remain in you. Just as a branch cannot bear fruit on its own unless it remains on the vine, so neither can you unless you remain in me.” ( John 15:4)

Wow!  Okay, God, I get the hint!  Nothing I do can bear fruit unless I do it through you…with you.  I must remain in you so that you remain in me.

I went downstairs after that with a new purpose.  I won’t say that I accomplished everything  on that list, but things went more smoothly than I expected.

And now I am trying to take time to spend with God.  He becomes #1 on my list and then everything else will fall into place!

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