Furthering God’s Kingdom

Remember back to one of those really big days in your life – one of those life changing, nothing-is-ever-the-same days.  Perhaps it was the birth of your children or the passing of a loved one.  Those are the days that result in finding a “new normal” in your life.

One of the days that comes to mind for me is my wedding day.  I remember that  my dad and I talked as he drove me to the church, and I was floating on air!  The sunshine was as bright inside my heart as it was shining down on us.  As we wound through neighborhoods approaching the church, I remember seeing someone out mowing his lawn.  And I felt a jolt of shock!  It’s my wedding day and this guy is mowing?!?  Somewhere in my mind, I felt like the whole world should be celebrating along with me – not going about their daily chores!

A friend of mine had a similar experience with the death of a family member.  She remembers going to pick up some pictures from the store only to find people – shopping!  Shouldn’t everyone mourn with you when you mourn?

cloudy dayFeeling this way can also happen on those more ordinary of days – maybe really rotten days, like your kid gets in trouble at school or you are overwhelmed with work – or maybe on really happy days, like when your child scores a goal or brings home a hard-won A+!  On those happy days, it is easy to see God’s blessings in our lives.  And we want to share our happiness with others by showing kindness, even to strangers driving by.  But on those rotten days, sometimes I feel like I have a right to feel grumpy, frustrated or just a bit down.  And I absolutely do have the right, but I’m learning that in my own life, I cannot let my own bad day keep me from seeing God’s blessings in my life.

I am learning that just because I don’t feel like it, I still need to further God’s kingdom in some way.  Perhaps, it’s just being nice to that cashier at the grocery store even though the budget is too tight.  Or maybe it’s helping out others even though you feel like the one who needs a hug.  Or just smiling at someone as you walk by because maybe they need it even more then you!

Truly, when we give of ourselves in our goodness of spirit, God gives us the strength to say another prayer, lend a listening ear, or give someone a hug of encouragement.  It makes our own problems feel a little less to help another.  Even when we are feeling down, God calls us to serve him in love by loving others around us and furthering His Kingdom here on earth.sunny day

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