Dusty Coffee Tables and Spotted Windows

 So, here I am going along, having picked up clutter off the floor, shoes all put in their appropriate places, toys and books on their shelves.  I am feeling pretty good about my housekeeping – everything is in general order.  Of course, the closet needs to be overhauled but not too many people see that and if the door is closed, I can even forget about it. 

But then the sunlight streams through the window.  It brightens the house and warms me up inside.  And as I look around, in the brightness of the room, I realize that maybe my housekeeping isn’t what I thought it was.  The windows are spotted from months of cold precipitation and dusty winds.   And oh my!  That coffee table is dusty!  When did that happen?!dust

The brightness of the sunlight shines on everything, brightening the house, but also showing all of my shortcuts and neglectful housekeeping.  All of the dust that has settled without me knowing it.  All of the spots that I have not had time to wipe.  

And it reminds me of Lent.  During this time, God shines his light on my soul, showing me all of the places that I have been neglecting, all of the spots that have collected during my winter, all of the places where I have become lazy in my sins without realizing it.  And I realize that I cannot do this sort of housekeeping on my own.  I need God’s help.dirty window

Do you happen to wear glasses?  I do when my eyes get tired of contacts at the end of the day.  Whenever I go in for an eye appointment, I love to bring my glasses to have the specialist clean them up.  He molds them to my face and has just the right cloth to shine them until they are clear of grease, smudges and spots. 

Confession is very similar to this cleaning.  The sacrament of Reconciliation is like handing our glasses to the specialist, as we hand our soul to the priest.  Through the grace of God, he declares our sins forgiven.  With Reconciliation and Absolution, our view of God becomes unblemished and we can look at the world with greater clarity.  Our focus can turn to selflessness and charity and away from our own shortcomings and sins.

God is our housekeeper, our light and our hope, shining sunshine on our dust and wiping it away.

Thank you, Mom, for the great idea….Now, where is my duster? clean window

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