Daughter of God


On my way home last week, I felt the need to stop by Adoration. I know that an hour of my day devoted to Eucharistic Adoration would be even better, but sometimes, like a power nap, ten minutes of Adoration can do wonders for my day.

So in entering into my “power prayer,” I soaked in the silence, solace and peace. My head was still spinning with everything I was thinking about in the parking lot so I tried to turn my thoughts to my vocation. My duties as a mother – how I desperately want to be there for everything my kids truly need, from meals and help with homework to reading their favorite books and listening to stories of their day. As a wife – how I want and need to be loving and passionate toward my husband from every phone call and email to him walking in the door and the last kiss before we fall asleep. As a daughter, sister, and friend – I want to be able to do things for those dear ones that I love, spending time with them and conveying to them through time and effort, that I love them. My head kept swimming. As a professor, I want to…. As a catechist… As a school volunteer… As a soccer mom….daughter of God

What should I focus on was the question that came to my mind and so obvious came the answer that I actually felt surprised. “You are my daughter. Your most important vocation is as my daughter. You are a daughter of God.”

This gave my heart great peace – knowing that everything else would fall into place if I was concentrating on just being a daughter of God. But what does that mean for my life? What does that mean I should do?

Then I started thinking about my own children. We have received comments like, “Your girls look just like you,” or “Your son is your husband’s mini-me.” People know that our children belong to us because they look like us.

How do I look like my Father? Would people know that I am a daughter of God? Do I act or speak in a Godly way? Do my actions emulate that of my Father? Do I love like my Father?

My vocation is simply to be a daughter of God, acting in such a manner that people would know I am His daughter, just by looking at me.