Dandelions and Skipping

dandelions1   As we were driving to an errand earlier this week, I was focused on the time, the order of the errands, what we had to accomplish that morning – trying to figure out if we actually had time to get everything done before our first appointment of the day.  We were driving past the post office, which we have done a million times, but from my daughter from the back seat, I heard “Ooooooh!”   “What do you see, Sweetie?”  “The flowers!  They are beautiful!”  I looked over and the lawn adjacent to the post office was so covered in dandelions, the grass almost wasn’t visible!

Now, to most of us adults, when we see dandelions, we grab the weeddandelions2 pullers or buy some weed killer.  I know that my husband personally thinks that dandelions are the scourge of our yard.  But my daughter’s expression of wonder and awe brought me back to a similar moment of my childhood.  I too remember exploring with friends around an unattended corner of the school and coming across a field of gold!  I recall feeling like we’d found our own hidden treasure with all the dandelions surrounding us.  We promptly plopped down amongst the sweet smelling yellow flowers and began making chains and hair decorations.  It was easy for us just to get lost in the beauty of some weeds.

And that is how my daughter saw the dandelion field too.  They were simply flowers that God had created for us to enjoy.  She didn’t question the value of the “weeds” nor did she mind that they had completely overrun a perfectly nice lawn.  To her, the world was simply more beautiful with all the flowers dandelions3in it!  And she dreamed of when they all turn to seed – just think of all the wishes you can make!

But it makes me wonder how often we overlook God’s simple creations – the simple pleasures in life that he has set before us.  Is there some other beautiful aspect of my world that He has created but I overlook it because I am too busy or too familiar with it?  My answer is resoundingly, and unfortunately, yes!  Sometimes I get so caught up with doing God’s work (or at least what I see his work in my life to be) that I miss seeing God’s work.  I miss that perfectly sunny day because we are so busy running from dance to soccer and back again.  Or I miss the unexpectedly cool, rainy day that is perfect for snuggling because instead I lament that I’m not tending my backyard garden.  And most of all, I overlook and take for granted the beautiful faces of my children.  Perhaps the problem is that they are too familiar to me or that I am more worried about a spelling grade or classroom behavior and I fail to see them as beautiful and amazing creations of God every moment of every day!

But then there are also those enchanting moments when these same children open my eyes to the glory of God.  As we were leaving a store on that same dandelion day, my Abby said, “Come on, Mommy! Let’s skip!”  And of course I couldn’t resist that!  Now, my thirty-something self may not be as good at skipping as the five year old expert next to me, but I couldn’t deny that taking joy in just being together refocused my day and allowed me to see the light of Christ in my child’s eyes more clearly.  So the next time you pass a dandelion field or decide to skip rather than just walk, delight in the creation of God and know that you too are a delighted child of your Father!


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