Countdown to Closets

Okay, it’s that time of year again!  In the past month or so, I have gone from requesting my children put their toys and treasures in their proper places in the closet to just wanting mess off the floor and, therefore, pitching it into the closet any which way myself!  Now I have three nearly full grown closet monsters and the children themselves are asking when they can clean out their closets (with the help of mom, of course)!  So today we began Phase 1!

Phase 1 entails beginning outside of the closet.  I need a clean area to take comfort in before any closet monsters are slain.  So we went through dresser drawers today – taking out all the obviously too small clothes, finding treasured Star Wars shirts that had been stuck behind the drawer, and yes, trying on clothes to see what still fits.  To my daughters, this last part was more like a fashion show to them.  My oldest daughter would try on the requested outfit, strut in front of the mirror and then strike a pose before I gave my vote on where the clothes went.  My youngest daughter would put on an outfit in her room, run into her sister’s room and declare that they were “running pants,” “walking shorts,” or “dancing tutus.”  By the way, my girls don’t really believe me when I tell them that tutus are actually called skirts…dresser

My poor son had a different take on the outfit tests.  He would put on the requested outfit, raise his arms above his head to see if it was too small and then ask how many more he had to try on.  When it came to trying on shorts, he would squeeze himself into last year’s pair and say, “I think they still fit.”  It was sheer torture for him.

But they all loved the straightened dressers so much that they asked if they could do their bookshelves too!  I can’t discourage those developing type A personalities, so we went through all their books.  It almost broke my heart to work on that chore!  Especially when Abby went through her books and had a big stack that she declared were “too babyish” for her. I put some of my son’s picture books I back on his shelf.  When he asked why, I explained what sentimental meant and he agreed that those special books could stay!

So this belated-spring cleaning was successful, but nostalgically so!

Next….on to the desks and toy drawers!

Meanwhile, the closet monsters continue to grow larger as they eat end-of-season cleats and keepsake  school papers…..closet

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