Celebrating St. Valentine’s Day

I have to admit, besides the Valentines that the kids exchange at school, we don’t celebrate Valentine’s day much.  No fancy dinners or roses are really necessary for me.  But in addition to St. Valentines day, this week is also World Marriage Week, which makes me think that perhaps I should celebrate this holiday of love in a different way than the traditional chocolates and teddy bears.  With the sacrament of marriage sometimes being taken too lightly or not at all, it is no wonder that the commercialism of Valentine’s Day has overtaken the genuine, sacramental, love within marriage.  So here are my ideas to celebrate my marriage and those I love:heart cross

  1. Write a love note to my husband and hide it somewhere for him to find.
  2.  Slip a note into my kids’ lunchboxes to tell them how much I love them.
  3. Have a ticklefest!
  4. Give extra hugs and kisses to both my husband and kids.
  5. Spend some time snuggling!
  6. Tell my husband how much I appreciate everything he does.
  7. Detail to my children how amazing I think that they are.
  8. Make a special treat for my family.
  9. Look into my husband’s eyes and tell him I love him.
  10. Pray for my family – all the time!


In what special ways do you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your family?

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