I’ve been wearing heels a lot lately and as a result, callouses are building up on the balls of my feet.  And although I am not surprised by the callouses, I have been pondering them quite a bit. Image result for walking in heels

Callouses in general seem to desensitize the skin so that the nerves beneath are not affected by regular use.  The more I walk in my heels, the less discomfort I feel.

In the same way, when we practice those somewhat painful virtues of humility, patience, and self-sacrifice, we get used to it.  It doesn’t feel so good at first, but the more we attend to those virtues, the better we get at them and the less we notice the pain of denying ourselves.  When we fall out of practice, the callouses start to soften and we struggle more to be patient, to be selfless.

I have noticed that I have another callous on the palm of my hand near my wedding ring and that one makes me smile.  It makes me think that over the past nearly 18 years of marriage, I have hopefully gotten better than my initial selfish newlywed days and turned my focus to the needs of my spouse.  And although at first, it was difficult to give up what I wanted, with time and practice, it became part of me, like a well-worn callous.

I wonder if we have callouses on our hearts as we work on the self-deprivation and turning our will over to God.  I hope that my heart, though tender underneath, is untouched by giving up parts of myself for others.  I pray that God will allow those callouses to humble me and make me obedient to His will, for His Glory.

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