Called to Be Busy

I know that I am busy – sometimes overwhelmingly so.  I spend my time serving my kids’ needs – at school, church, extracurricular activities – serving my whole family’s needs – food and housework – and serving others in various ways.  I rarely have a dull moment to sit and be “bored” as my children occasionally complain.

Abusynd all the time I spend trying not to be busy is all for naught when another need presents itself.  I know that my dear friends think that I should just say no, but I can’t tell God “no” when he puts a need in front of me.  I have been put here on this earth to serve Him and His will.  I am part of a much greater design.

Somehow, someway, when he asks me to do something and I follow Mary’s fiat and say “yes,” even when maybe my schedule or my head is pointing me another direction, God always pours grace upon me.  Sometimes, unbelievably, when I am following His will, I feel like he is actually slowing down time so that I can get accomplished what He needs me to.  After all, I am his hands and feet here on earth, serving His will.  He will give me the energy if it truly is to be done.

On days that I do get overwhelmed or stressed that I can’t get everything crossed off my list, it’s not God who isn’t holding up His end.  It’s always me.  I had an especially hectic day last week where the list seemed longer than a mile.  I was too busy for God.  Too busy to take a moment to pray.  Just too busy.

I got to the end of the day a bit down and depressed.  But then it began to dawn on me that I forgot to ask God for help.  I forgot to turn it over to Him.  I got so busy with my hands that I forgot to quiet my heart.

So that night, I made another list, went to bed late, and prayed.  I prayed that I would do His will, not my own.  I prayed that my day would be one of service to Him and others.  I prayed that 4 ½ hours of sleep would be enough to fulfill me and that I would still have the ability to wake up early and start again.

And more graces abound!  I had a terrific day – serving at my kids’ school function, spending time with wonderful parents, teachers and kids.  And somehow, I still had the time to do the necessary things on my list.  In fact, my list wasn’t any shorter, but God gave me the grace to realize what was important and what could wait for another day.

Truly, I can never complain because if my greatest cross right now is that time flies too quickly and I have too many things to do,  then I just know that right now I have been called to be busy.


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  1. Stacey says:

    Don’t forget about Mary and Martha! Jesus told Mary that she chose the better part. In all that we do for people, we just have to make sure that we’re putting people first, the way Mary set aside all the things on her to do list and just put being with Jesus first. It’s our relationships and the love we have for each other that helps us to see Christ in others and serve them, not necessarily through doing whatever is asked. Just think, if really the least that we do for another is as if done for Christ, then I would definitely want to take my time on Him!

    This is a good topic. Busy-ness and knowing when to say no and draw the line, and still being open and available to others is a difficulty for all moms.

  2. Susie says:

    You are so right in your comments about being busy. Anytime that I start to feel overwhelmed, I always realize, at some point in my day, that I have not asked God for the graces I need to do his will. We have to ask him every day. I feel that you do such a great job as a wife and mother, but even more important, as a beloved daughter of God. He will give you the time and ability to do all that must be done because he knows you are trying to do his will here on earth. May God continue to bless you richly and please know that all you do brings you ever closer to Him and that is pleasing to Him. Have a GREAT God filled day!!!
    Love, Mom

  3. Allena says:

    Sometimes I wonder when I’m overwhelmed if it might be best to add some Good work–especially on those days when it seems like I’m not getting ANYTHING done anyway. . . but then think that my primary duty is at home, and it’s scary to add things when I don’t think I’m fulfilling all of the home duties.

  4. Sarah says:


    As you know I am much like you. I also find that God calls me do to things and I want to run for the hills. I totally agree that we need to ask for God’s help sometimes. He wouldn’t ask or call us to do certain things if he didn’t think we were capable of doing them. He always pulls though when I feel like I am drowning in stress. Thanks for the reflection.

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