Awakening of Spring

With glimpses of warmer weather and the first hints of spring in the air, I can feel the deep freeze of winter about to thaw. Lent is a perfect time of year for thisbudding flowers to happen because as the flowers just barely peak above the surface of the ground to start to feel the warmth of the sun, so too are we are preparing our souls for the beautiful blooming of the Easter season.
When I look around outside, I realize that we are like those flowers as their leaves begin to creep ever closer to the sun, we too begin to stretch spiritually with our prayer and sacrifice in Lent, bringing us closer to God. Now I know that winter has not released its hold yet as cold bitter temperatures drop some evenings and threaten the growth of those flowers. But this mirrors the sting I feel when I struggle with my personal sacrifices, trying to figure out if these little, seemingly unimportant sacrifices can bring me closer to His love. But we persevere past the temptations, just as the flowers somehow seem to evade being eaten by the ornery bunnies, and when we finally reach the end of our preparation, our times of difficulty behind us, we can rejoice with God in His Son’s resurrection and what that resurrection means for all of us – eternal life!

So we pray and grow, like the flowers, surviving the trials and tribulation, until God’s warmth, love and mercy reaches to all of the corners of our soul.tulips

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