A Prayer for No One

Praying handsI have a long prayer list – I’m sure that you do too!  It ranges from immediate daily prayers , like “Please keep my child safe on the field trip” or “I have no idea how I am going to get everything done today.  Please help me.”   And then long range ones regarding a friend’s pregnancy or a relative’s health.

Sometimes my prayers can be a litany of those I think of who are in need.  Other times, when a friend comes to mind, I say a quick prayer for them.   I know that my family and friends are sending up prayers for me too because I can always feel the graces!

But sometimes, I wonder about those who have no one to pray for them.  Perhaps they don’t have a faith-filled life.  Or maybe someone has planted that seed of faith, but it needs nourishment to grow.  Or maybe someone is in an immediate dire, life-threatening or life-changing situation and they need God’s grace and mercy.  Who prays for them?  Who intercedes for them here on earth?

Of course, God already knows their problems, as He knows ours, and He is always ready to act on their behalf, but sometimes He waits for us to ask for what we need.  What if someone doesn’t know how to ask??

So, lately I’ve been thinking about these people and I’ve been asking God – “Someone, somewhere needs your grace and mercy right now.  They may not even know they need it, but please be with him or her.  Shower your love on them and reveal yourself as their Father.”

I will never know who that person in need is, but guaranteed, someone is in need and can benefit from my ten second prayer.  If we all offer up occasional prayers for that unknown person, maybe that’s another way that we can bring God’s grace and mercy into the world.

God bless you!


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