Why Do Catholics…Part 6 – Go to Church Every Sunday


“Mom, why do we have to go to church again?”

“We don’t have to, Sweetie, we get to!”

“But Mom-my… (insert excuse of choice here):           I don’t want to!

We went last week…

It’s sooooo long!

John doesn’t have to go every week!

I’m sure we’ve all gotten this any random Sunday morning getting our children for church.  And there are a million reasons we can use to rationalize for not attending Mass.  But there is only one reason why we need to.  We call it our Sunday obligation, but if you look up the definition you will find that an obligation means a promise.  God loves us so much that he has sacrificed his son for us!  And in exchange we have made a promise through our Catholic faith to worship Him.

But how do we explain this to our grumpy, lazing in bed, slow-moving children? going to church

For those children who are old enough to receive Communion, we can explain that every time we celebrate the Eucharist, we thank God for his son’s sacrifice and we take Him inside ourselves to replace those broken, sinful parts, making us more like Him.

For those younger children who just have to watch from the sidelines, Communion is not the best motivation to get them to mass.  But they do understand rules.  There are rules that we have in our homes – don’t touch outlets, don’t touch the stove.  There are rules in preschools – be nice to others, share toys.  There are rules in the community – don’t run across the street, stop at stop signs.  All of these rules are to keep us safe or to make us better people.  In the same way, God has rules too!  One of his rules is to go to church.  And going to church makes us better in our hearts and helps to keep our souls safe!

If that doesn’t help at all, you can explain that because we are all children of God, all brothers and sisters of Christ, going to church is like having a giant family reunion!


Coming next week – Why do Catholics…Part 7 – Make the Sign of the Cross

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