Why Do Catholics…Part 5 – Go to Confession

reconciliationContinuing this series of articles, I wanted to talk about confession, also known as the sacrament of Reconciliation, especially in reference to our children.  Dragging our sweet children to mass each week is difficult enough, but if you want them to participate in the sacrament of reconciliation, or if you want to go to confession yourself, it may be more difficult than getting them to eat their beans!  reconciliation3But how important it is for your whole family to participate in this beautiful sacrament and here is why!

If your kiddo likes to look up new words like my little nerds do, you can tell them that reconciliation is the act of bringing someone or something into agreement or harmony, to make compatible, to reconsecrate.

When we sin, even little sins, we put a barrier in between us and God.  Maybe that barrier is easy to see through with little white lies or saying a bad word.  Or maybe that barrier is a brick wall with sins like meaning to tell a lie or hurt someone’s feelings.  Reconciliation brings that grace from God that breaks through that barrier – it is what brings us back to harmony with God.

So, Mom, why can’t we just say “Sorry, God!” and that barrier is removed?

wrecking ballWell, you can and should think about and apologize for your sins each day, but it is the sacrament of confession that allows Christ to break through the barrier.  When we just apologize without the sacrament, it’s like trying to scratch through the barrier with a spoon.  But when Christ breaks through, he uses a wrecking ball!  When He does it, the wall is gone!  When we try to do it alone, we don’t get it all and those sins can still eat away at us.

But why do I have to go tell Fr. Bill what I did wrong?

Truly, you are telling God, and Fr. Bill is just the phone that you talk through.  When he says that God forgives you, those words are from God!  He’s letting you know in a very real way that the barrier has crumbled and the dust left over has been swept away!

So take your kids to confession this summer!  Check your church for their weekly times.

And if your little ones are too small to participate, bring another mom and take them anyway and trade off watching the kids.  Let them know how this sacrament moves you.  Seeing you receive this sacrament can really make an impression on them when they become old enough to receive it too!

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