Washing Winter Coats

This weekend, I noticed that my youngest daughter’s winter coat was looking a bit grimy.  Looking closely at my older daughter’s coat, hers had picked up quite a bit of dirt too.  When I mentioned that I would throw them in the washer when we got home, my son chimed up and asked if I would wash his as well.  Before I knew it, I had a load and a half of winter coats to be washed.Image result for children's winter coats

As I put stain-stick on the winter grime on our coats, I wondered how we picked up all the grime – where we were and what we did to get our coats so dirty.  And then it occurred to me that our souls can get dirty in the same way.

We can commit some of those little, everyday sins and maybe that is like the grime that we get on our coat sleeves.  Repeated actions, like little white lies, gossiping, judging, can get the most used parts of ourselves a bit filthy.  Then there are bigger stains on our coats, from when we brush up against the car –just  like when we act selfishly or put other things before God, it can affect us more deeply.  And before we know it, without even realizing that it has happened, our souls can become stained and covered with sins.

What a blessing that we have washing machines to get all of the dirt out – just like we have a merciful God to forgive all of our sins!  With his mercy, our souls can be made white and bright again!  And with Lent upon us, we can use this time to go to Confession and have all of our sins wiped away and forgotten.


So I’m going to throw a load in the washer and see if I can scrub my soul clean too!

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