Washing Windows

window 2 Sometimes things happen in this world that are confusing, frustrating and downright discouraging.  We may feel that God isn’t even on our side and prayer is pointless.  We can think that what’s going to happen is going to happen and we have no control over it – even petitioning through prayer.

To an extent, I can understand where that is true – our all-powerful omnipotent and all-merciful loving God does have our lives in his hand.  He has plans for our lives that are better than the plans we have for ourselves.  So how does asking for what we need or want through prayer change anything?

What I’ve figured out is that prayer may not change us or our circumstances but it does change us.

Maybe it’s a bit like the windows of my house that I keep looking through.  Covered with winter grime, it is hard to see the brightness of the sunshine outside.  Washing those windows allows more light, clear bright light, to shine into the house and brighten everything it touches, even if the day is still cold outside.

In the same way, prayer can shine up the window to our hearts. It may not change our situation, but it can change our perspective.  It can open us up to God’s mercy and grace.  We can feel his presence in our lives, even if the world outside is cold and bitter.

Prayer can illuminate how God is working everything for good – for His good.  And the beauty of prayer is that others can wash our windows for us.  Loved ones’ prayers can lift us up and soften our hearts to receive the goodness of God and His graces.  When others pray for us, especially in times that we cannot pray for ourselves, all the work is done for us and we have but to receive his love.

May we all scrub our own and our loved ones’ windows a little harder during this Lenten season to allow God to shine through the darkness and shower us with His graces.

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