Our Vacation Bible School is going on this week and I am blessed to be coordinating the snacks.  I get to help put the snacks together and then present them to the kids along with the meaning behind them.  For example, today everyone got to make masterpieces of their own by decorating sugar cookies with skittles and licorice because God made each of us a masterpiece too! VBS

We have a big crowd and by the time the last child trickles out of the cafeteria, we have served 600 kiddos, hopefully feeding their souls and their tummies.

What I am discovering about this week is that VBS is more than just a time to give kids food and teach them a Bible story.  For me, it has become a movement of the Holy Spirit – what child does the Holy Spirit want me to connect with?  Which teen helper needs to be recognized for doing a great job?  Which adult leaders am I blessed to visit with?  To whom is the Holy Spirit leading me?

And as I walk up to a dear friend that I haven’t seen in  a few weeks to chat with as the kids munch, I can picture Mary and Elizabeth, working together, sharing each other’s company, living in the love of God.

As all of us gather before the snack to pray, I can visualize the first disciples spreading the Church to so many new people after Jesus’ resurrection and Ascension.  We too are coming together in the joy of Christ to share a spirit of love – The Spirit of Love.

If you are helping out at a VBS this summer, expect to be worn out, but fed spiritually by sharing a common faith, a central Truth – the Holy Spirit guides us to love, support and learn from each other.

And if when only two or three are gathered in His name, Christ is there, how much more is he present when 600 come together to fill the church!!

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