Too Weird for this World

My oldest daughter came home from fourth grade today upset with a classmate.  She said that a boy had told her she was “too weird for this world.”  She said that she responded with a “Thank you,” and walked away but it still hurt her feelings.heaven and earth

As my head spun with all the ways that the world is backwards right now, I told her that he was truly paying her a compliment.  God did not make us for this world.  He did not make us to thrive in this money-driven, time-spending, wasteful world.  He made us to be with Him in Heaven.  But living life in the here and now can sometimes make people think that we are too weird.

Being counter-cultural and resisting the idea of relativism is what God is asking us to do.  Becoming a person who struggles against those who argue that there is not absolute truth or morality in our society may make us a bit weird.  However, being “weird” may be an extreme blessing when we think of all that is wrong with our culture – from devaluing life through abortion and euthanasia to wanting the immediate gratification of money, drugs, and sex.  We can make idols of the things around us – technology, popularity, and material goods – rather than paying our God his just worship and praise.

May we all consider ourselves too weird for this world and on the pathway to Heaven where our weird-ness is just right for our Lord.

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