Ten Easy Ways to Practice Almsgiving

  1. Clean out a closet and give those toys to a Catholic Charities thrift store.
  2. Skip an out-to-eat night and put that money in the collection basket the following week.
  3. Give food to a food drive.
  4. Go through kids drawers to weed out all the non-fitting clothes. Donate them to those in need.Image result for almsgiving
  5. Pick out a gift from Food for the Poor.   Giving a meal for a family or beans for a child for a month can make a great impression on the children.
  6. If your kids are old enough, serve at a soup kitchen.
  7. Participate in a baby supplies drive. Have the kids choose the diapers, blankets and clothes.
  8. Have the kids put a few coins from their piggy bank into the collection basket.
  9. Donate to the coat and blanket drive.
  10. Have a discussion about those in need. Your kids may surprise you with ways they can help!

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