Between swimming lessons and just splashing around, we’ve been spending a lot of time at the pool.  Our city pool has been upgraded in the past few swimmingyears to include a lazy river, a water playground and two big slides in addition to the regular pool.

As we were floating around the lazy river yesterday, with no place to rush off to and the water finally warm enough to enjoy without shivering, I truly felt lazy.  My kids weren’t fighting or asking for a snack – they were actually smiling, joking and laughing with each other and my heart was at peace.  It made me think about how sometimes in our lives we are able to float along with relatively few waves.  No large problems, no rough waters.  In fact, sometimes it may be such a slow float, so routine, that we come bored or at least complacent.

Our lazy river also features a small waterfall that I typically try to avoid because I don’t care for water pounding down on my head.  But sometimes, like when my son drags me over the waterfall or I inadvertent drift that way, I end up drenched.  In the same way, we can suddenly find ourselves in an unexpected place where we were just previously floating along.

We also have two slides that reach off the ground by three or four stories.  One of the slides is open and has a slow loop, while the other is a bit faster and is enclosed so it is entirely in the dark.  When my youngest daughter found out that she was tall enough to go down the slides this year, she asked me to accompany her on her first slide.  So we got into a double tube and glided on down, but because of the bid difference in our sizes, when we got to the bottom, I ended up flipping the tube.  Little Miss panicked for just a minute but then she popped her head up and grabbed hold of the tube.  She immediately requested that next time, she slide with her sister instead!

Once again, I am reminded how there are times in our lives when we have a difficult task ahead of us.  .  Sometimes we can see slightly ahead of us and roll with the twists and turns, and then sometimes we are completely in the dark with no idea of what to expect.  And sometimes, even when we can see what is ahead of us, we hit an unexpected bump and our lives are turned upside down.  But we have to pop our heads up and grab hold of the nearest Raft.

But whichever way the currents pull us – whether slow and lazy or rough and rocky – we are blessed to have a Lifeguard watching out for us.  He is blowing the whistle when we start to cross the line.  He is watching over us so that we don’t get in too deep.  He is always watching over us, ready to pull us out and help us along.  Sometimes He waits for us to ask for His help but He is always there for us, looking after our eternal lives and ready to pull us into the safety of His arms.

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