Summer To-Do List


Here’s my summer list to-do.  Some I’ve accomplished and some I need to work on.  With only a month before school starts, will there be enough time?  What do you have left that you want to do?

  1. Visit a berry patch and pick too many berries!
  2. Take the kids to the cheap movies! Twice!
  3. Do all the puzzles in the house.
  4. Swim swim swim – until we are waterlogged!
  5. Read a Harry Potter book aloud to all the kids – and watch the movie when we are finished!
  6. Clean out the closets.
  7. Finish one outdoor project.
  8. Go to VBS – at least once.
  9. Visit the library every week to find Fido.
  10. Have a picnic!
  11. Attend extra masses during the week.
  12. Visit Grandma and Grandpa.
  13. Watch both Star Wars trilogies as a family.
  14. Go for bike rides.
  15. Visit the park regularly.
  16. Go to adoration.
  17. Pick up school supplies and then go out for ice cream!
  18. Visit Deanna Rose.
  19. Take a mini-vacation.
  20. Enjoy my kids – they are growing way too quick!

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