Playing Ball

 I’ve been watching enough athletic events lately that I’ve started thinking philosophically about them.  As I watched my son defend a goal or shoot a basket or my daughter try to get open for a pass this past weekend, I began thinking about how that soccer game or that basketball game are a lot like life and in particular a lot like God’s will in our lives.

basketballThat little ball flying up and down the field is a little bit like life.  Sometimes we have a handle on it.  Sometimes we have to entrust someone else with our life as we pass it off, praying they have our best interests at heart. Sometimes we lose control and that ball slips from our grip and goes the opposite direction. 

We know where we are supposed to be on the field, who we are supposed to defend, and the plays we are to run, but sometimes, others get in the way or perhaps we even get in our own way.  Even when we know what we are supposed to do, we don’t always get it done.  Sound familiar?  Like the game of life?

And we have our cheering section – those who love us and support us and pray for us.  They see wrongs against us.  They see our potential.  They recognize missed opportunities sometime even when we don’t.  But they are always on our side.

We also have our Coach.  The Coach who stands on the sidelines – He can see the bigger picture.  He can see the beauty of the game and where he needs the team to move as a whole.  He sometimes yells at us to get into our positions or to take particular shots.  Other times, He lets us figure out the right way to go on our own.  He always wants us to succeed, but he knows that sometimes we must sacrifice so that others may shine.basketball2

We may feel like we are losing the game and that the other team is going faster, farther and doing better than you.  But the Coach on the sidelines knows that this sport is so much bigger than just one game.  It is so much bigger than one season.  It is about sculpting the players to become better than they think they can be, dream bigger than they dream for themselves. 

And at the end of the game, our Coach says “Good game” and pats us on the back.  And whether we feel like our life is a “win” or “loss”, if we have trusted in our Coach and done our best, we leave the game when time has run out on the clock and enter into that locker room to our Eternity.  

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