Kid Questions about our Faith

trinity4 Part 2 – What is the Trinity?

Just having celebrated the Feast of the Holy Trinity last Sunday caused some questions and discussion to arise.  So I thought it would be a great opportunity to talk about the Trinity – because as Fr. Andrew said, too much can never be said about the mystery of the Trinity!

So how do we explain it to the kids?

One way to look at it is that God – our Father – who has always been and always will be, wanted someone to share his love with, so He begot Jesus.  His perfect Son shared this great love between them and that love became  the Holy Spirit.  Not easy to explain to a four year old?

How about this?  Ever had chocolate cookie dough ice cream?  It is all one big ice cream scoop but it has three parts!  Those little chocolate chips, the yummy chunks of cookie dough and the ice cream that holds it all together!  So now your little one asks – God is like ice cream??

Taking it to a different level, we can explain that as a mom, you have a trinity making up who you are.  You are a mom to your child, a wife to your husband and a daughter to your parents, all wrapped up into one person!

St. Patrick used the clover to explain the Trinity with three leaves on one clover so we can use clover picking as a chance to talk about God in three persons too.  And goodness, we have enough of them around here!

Don’t be surprised if they get it faster than you think!  As adults, we are the ones with the doubts and the questions while the little ones accept, love and believe with an easy faith!

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