Our Father – Broken Down

Our little ones have learned the Our Father, if somewhat imperfectly, replacing words with what they can actually say. But do they know what it means? Do they understand the words they are trying to say? Let’s break it down for them

Our Father – How delightful to hear our children yell, “Daddy!” when he walks in the door after work. God wants to hear those same delightful words whenever we talk to Him. He wants us to call Him by a familiar and loving term. Saying “Our Father” shows both that we love God and are beloved by Him.

Our FatherWho art In Heaven – God lives up in Heaven. Imagine the most wonderful place you could possibly think of (better even than Grandma’s house) and then imagine it a million times better. That is where God is waiting for us to someday join Him.

Hallowed be thy name – God is so amazing and special that even His name deserves great honor and respect!

Thy Kingdom come – God is always working to bring his Kingdom of love to the earth. We can be a park of His kingdom come by being the ones to spread His love. We can serve others, show compassion, suffer with grace, and above all, love one another!

Thy will be done – This is one of those phrases that my youngest daughter messes up. She says, “I will be done.” I like that variation too, because if God’s will is done in my life then I will be done. I’ll be done worrying, being anxious and fighting for my own will. We have to allow God’s will to be done to be happy in our lives.

On Earth as it is in Heaven – And if we allow God’s will to be done then our world will reflect Heaven in the love that people share for one another.

Give us this day our daily bread – We recognize that we do have daily needs – food, water, shelter – and we ask God to be the one to ultimately provide that for us.

Forgive us our trespasses – We also ask for our spiritual needs be met by having our sins forgiven. We cannot do good in this world without seeking forgiveness for the not good things that we have done.

As we forgive those who trespass against us – We, in addition, need to give up that hurt we might feel when others wrong us. This is God’s way to remind us not to hold on to wrongs and grudges but to let them go to Him.

Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil – Here, we ask God, even though the devil is trying to lure us away from our Father by his tricks and deceptions, to please keep us from falling into his traps, confusion and both direct and indirect attacks.

Now as our sweet children pray this prayer, perhaps they can understand what they are saying a little better as they come to know “Our Father” as their own.

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