Monstrance Craft

As much as my children love Adoration, it was natural to want to display that love at home so I searched the Internet for an Adoration craft and found one that I really loved!  First, the children colored and cut out a monstrance – it can be sparkled up with gold glitter or just a plain yellow but they were delighted they had a monstrance of their very own.  Then we cut the middle circle out and replaced it with wax paper.  Then, we colored a picture of Christ that shown through the opening in the monstrance.  And putting it on the refrigerator, we have a tribute to their love of Adoration right here at home.

monstrance craft

Check out the following website for all the details and templates to make your own monstrance!




For those older children who understand the beauty of the Body of Christ, you can read the story that goes along with this craft.


And with all of those great end-of-the-summer activities, why not slip in one more and stop by Adoration for a few minutes and check out the Real Thing!adoration 3

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