Moments of Mothering

Diapers, screaming kids, tantrums, feedings, potty-training, constant battles of wills – just a few of the difficulties of being a mother, but what are your favorite parts of being a mother?

Me, personally – I love when they are all asleep, peacefully dreaming in their beds.  I love to stroke their hair, kiss their faces, whisper I love you’s and pray prayers for each of them.  In that sleepy, dreamy time, everything is forgiven and forgotten.  I can’t remember what those tantrums were about.  And their eyelids flutter in response to my apologies for snapping at them.   Motherhood feels like perfection in the sleepy darkness.

motheringAnother one of my favorite times is when I pick the kids up from school.  The minivan door opens and the kids barrel in.  I love to greet them with a genuine, “I’m so happy to see you!” and those are the only words that I get out before they all simultaneously tell me about their day.  For a moment, Mom is their favorite person and I guess absence does make the heart grow fonder.

And then a silly thing that we do, just to give each other a little more affection is the “Kiss Toll.”  Simply making them stop what they are doing or where they are going to give me a quick kiss.  Or if they ask for something, I tell them it may be expensive!  And they pay in kisses and hugs.  Affection for all!

What are your favorite moments of mothering?

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