Looking back as birthdays pass

So my youngest turned 5 today.  I can’t believe it’s been five years since she was born.  I can remember the details so clearly – how labor started, my emotions, my memories, my prayers – even my disbelief that she wasn’t a boy.  I was convinced that the baby was going to be a boy!  But now I can’t imagine life without my little Abby.

Here are a few ways that we made her day special:

  1. Woke her with a rendition of Happy Birthday performed by her siblings.
  2. Prayed a decade of the rosary in front of the crucifix and a statue of Mary.   Since we were only praying a decade, she and I actually shared one rosary, making it all the sweeter.
  3. Dropped off cupcakes to all of Abby’s favorite neighborhood helpers – the librarians, the cashier at Walmart, the crossing guard, her siblings’ teachers.
  4. Looked through the photo album of her birth day and the year after.  The whole family loved this!  We all had a good laugh over some of the cute expressions and little poses.
  5. Let her choose the menu for all the meals of the day.  We had a tasty breakfast of Fruit Loops, a lunch with a wrap and yogurt and brats for dinner!
  6. Told the story of her birth and all that we remembered about her special day.
  7. Measured her height and cheered on her growth since last year.
  8. Talked to loving relatives, wishing her happy birthday.
  9. Celebrated with a candle in a cupcake and a Happy Birthday song!

How do you make your kids’ birthdays special?

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