Lists for Easter

  1. Easter 2Attend mass together as a family.  Even though we have to fight through the crowds, rejoicing Easter morning with our Church family is so memorable.
  2. As your children search for the eggs that the Easter Bunny has hidden, you can teach the children about how God searches for us.  No matter where we are, He will always seek us out because of His great love for us.
  3. Dress up for church.  Showing our Easter finest shows our children that dressing up for this great celebration of our faith gives God glory and respect.
  4. Point out the new life we see around us in spring – blooming flowers, little bunnies, baby chicks, buds on the trees.  This new life is like the new life that we all have in Christ on Easter – celebrating His resurrection!
  5. Eat Easter candy!  Reward yourself for making it through the Lenten desert and celebrate!  Indulge in a bit of whatever you have given up!
  6. Read the Easter story to your children in terms that they can understand.  And revel in their childlike joy!
  7. Celebrate with a special meal – dress up the table, serve a delicious meal, create a feast to rejoice!
  8. Tuck candy inside of plastic Easter eggs before they are hidden and tell the children about how once they eat the candy, the eggs are empty just like the tomb on Easter morning.
  9. Pray the Divine Mercy novena.  It begins on Good Friday and extends through Divine Mercy Sunday.
  10. Praise God and rejoice!  Christ is Risen!!Easter3

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