Lent for Kids!

 Lent kids

The second week of Lent is underway and I am actively working on my own sacrifices and prayer life, but I was trying to come up with some ways to help my children enrich their own faith lives.  I guess to do that, I need to consider their ages and abilities.  So I made up a few brainstorming lists for different ages and for our entire family.  I’d love for you to add to my list!

For young children – 6 and under

  1. Reading books to them about Easter and Jesus journey to his death and resurrection.  They would love to see pictures of Jesus on the donkey into Jerusalem, his walk to Calvary, and his resurrection on Easter morning.
  2. Attending adoration – briefly!  Make it a short (5 minute) visit to our Blessed Sacrament!
  3. Lenten arts and crafts can help them remember how amazing Jesus’ sacrifice was for us – making Lenten trees with prayer intentions on them, coloring pictures of the cross, making Easter flowers.
  4. Encourage prayer.  When they hear you pray the Hail Mary when a fire truck goes by or see you with rosary beads in your hand, they will want to follow your example.
  5. Have them make occasional one-time sacrifices.  At the end of lunch one day, encourage them to go without that cookie.  Or have them choose a book to read instead of eating a piece of candy on day.  Remind them how much Jesus did for us and encourage them to make a small sacrifice out of thanksgiving. 

    For older kids –


  1. Have them give up something weekly, like every Friday without dessert or giving up one television show or game a week.  Daily sacrifices are still a little hard for Lent for kidsour big, little ones.
  2. Have them add a decade from the rosary a couple of times a week.  It only takes 5 minutes and they will feel so mature to pray it on their own.
  3. Encourage them to read about the saints.  Knowing more about children who became saints shows them that they too can be holy.
  4. Read the Bible – in a limited way – to them, especially focusing on the Gospels this Lenten season.
  5. Give them opportunities to increase their prayer life. Give them a book of prayers or teach them a new prayer or two this Lenten season. 








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