Kid Questions about our Faith

Part 1 – Did Jesus have any brothers and sisters?


Kids ask such great questions – many of which can cause us to pause and think for a minute.  Here are some easy answers to some tough questions about our faith!

This is an easy one for kids to relate to – did Jesus have to put up with siblings too??

The answer is no – but although he didn’t have any brothers or sisters, he likely had lots of relatives around him.

Several comments in the Bible can lead someone to believe that Mary had other children, but putting everything in context, everything points to Jesus being an only child.

Jesus is referred to as Mary’s first-born son, but in Exodus, God asks for every child that opens the womb, every first-born, be consecrated to Him.  So referring to Jesus as the first-born is just that he is Mary’s first child, with all inheritance rights, not that she had a second child.

In another Bible verse, in Mark, Jesus’ “brothers” were named as James, Joses, Judas and Simon.  Checking into translations, the original version of the word “brother” was “adelphos” in Greek.  Adelphos translates into kinsmen, cousins, or relatives.  There was no translation for the word “brother” or “sister”.   So naming his “brothers” merely names his relatives or cousins.

And lastly, we can tell our kids about Mary and John standing at the feet of Jesus on the cross.  He requests that John care for Mary like his own mother.  “Woman, behold your son,” he said to Mary.  And to John, “Behold your mother.”  If Jesus had younger brothers, he would have trusted them to care for his widowed mother, not one of his apostles.  However, because he gave his mother into the care of his beloved disciple, it’s easy to understand that Jesus was an only child and needed John to take care of her.

So one question down, how many to go??

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