Kid Questions about Our Faith

Part 3 – Why didn’t Adam and Eve wear clothes?

So, it’s not like the little ones need any more reasons to run around the house mostly naked, but I am sure you have gotten this question when you read Bible stories to the children.  They see the picture of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and they have no covering except for some discreetly-placed child-appropriate leaves.  So how do we explain Adam and Eve’s lack of clothes? adam and eve

We remind the children that God made Adam and Eve perfectly in his own image.  We should be pleased with our bodies because that is how God made us but back in the Garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve lived without sin, there was no cause for embarrassment or shame because they walked freely without any of the sins we have now.  Just as little children cannot intentionally sin, not knowing right from wrong, so too do they have no self-awareness or concern.  They know that their parents will care for them.  Why should they worry about what they wear?  Hence, naked babies running around the house!

Now that sin has entered our world, we have shame and embarrassment with something that God originally created in his perfection.  But he did grace us with modesty and self-awareness, knowing that our bodies are still a temple of the Holy Spirit.

May we all have complete trust in our Heavenly Father, as little children trust in us, not worrying about anything – clothes, food or otherwise, as we run about our lives, rejoicing in his love and mercy!

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