I Trust You, Mommy

holding handsMy son is 12 now.  He has gotten so tall that I am almost looking him in the eye!  At 5’7” and a size 12 shoe, he seems like such a grown up young man and yet such a kid at heart.  He still calls me “Mommy” when we are alone together or just with family, although in front of friends, I become “Mom”.

Recently when we were walking through a crowd together, I had my girls by the hand but I turned around and realized I’d lost track of my son.  I stopped in my tracks to look for him and he nearly walked right into me.  I was still looking for a little boy and didn’t realize he was right behind me!

He is maturing enough to know that I can’t solve every problem and I don’t know the outcome to every situation, while his sisters still think that mom knows everything and can fix anything.  Because of this newly discovered lack of control in life, he has become a little more anxious about unknowns.  He tends to ask me the same questions over and over again.  “But what about….. Are you sure…. But what if… Do you really think….”

In a recently stressful situation, he asked me if I was sure about the outcome of something.  I finally said that no, I wasn’t sure.  There were too many unknown factors to be sure of the outcome, several of which were completely out of our control.  I would do my very best to do what I could but I couldn’t guarantee that everything would turn out the way he wanted it to.  But I continued by saying that this was a perfect opportunity to trust in God and His plan.  In fact, God was inviting us to let go of the worry and have faith in His plan.  My son nodded his head and said, “I trust you, Mommy.” After that his anxiety disappeared although the situation was no less stressful.  In his little boy way, this big kid turned over his worries and believed that everything would turn out for the best.

He was a beautiful example of how we need to turn to God in our greatest times of worry and with the faith of a child say, “I trust you, Daddy.”

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