Holy Week Activities

Holy Week Activities
As we prepare for Easter, let us teach our children of the holiness of this final week between Palm Sunday and our Lord’s resurrection!
Here are a few ideas to make your Holy Week more real to your children:
palm sunday
Palm Sunday – Be sure that you pick up some palms for each of your children! As much as it drives me crazy as they try to play with them during mass, I love to have the children take them home.

• I like to make them in to crosses and put them in my children’s rooms. They are so proud to display them.
• You can also make your own palms out of some green construction paper and playact how Jesus came into Jerusalem on a donkey and everyone celebrated, laying palms before him!

Holy Monday – This is the day where Jesus cleared the money changers from the temple, removing what separated or distracted the people from worshiping the Lord. It is also the evening where he stayed with Martha and Mary. At this supper, Mary took an expensive perfume and anointed Jesus feet.

• We too can help our kids get rid of what distracts us from Christ. We can have them help clean out a closet (or just part of a closet). Or the older ones can sacrifice a television show or a video game and spend a few extra minutes in prayer instead.
• The perfume that Mary used to anoint Jesus feet is very strong smelling. And sometimes aromas can be just as powerful as words. Use an air freshener in your house several times on Tuesday or light a candle so that every time you and the children smell it, you remember the holiness of Jesus.

Holy Tuesday – In the readings of Holy Tuesday, Judas is picked out as the one who is going to betray JeHoly Tuesdaysus. And also, Peter is told that he will deny Christ before the cock crows three times. This one is a little more difficult to share with children. But we may try a few things:

• Make a list of good friends and make one of them a card for Easter, explaining that Jesus disciples wanted to be good friends too.
• Make a list of people that we need to be better friends with and discuss ways to love them more.

Holy Wednesday – This is traditionally thought of as the day when Judas made his deal with the Pharisees for Jesus life. It is often called Spy Wednesday, but we can turn this around to make it more meaningful for our children. While Judas did something to hurt Holy WednesdayJesus, we can be spies to spread Christ’s love.

• Have your children secretly do good deeds for others in their family – perhaps by picking up toys of a sibling or sharing a snack. Maybe even doing chores without being asked!
• You can also drop off those cards that you made to those wonderful friends!

Holy Thursday – This is day the church celebrates that Christ washed the feet of his disciples. To see thisHoly Thursday done at Holy Thursday mass is a moving experience as the priest passes among selected people, washing their feet. It is also the day that the Last Supper is celebrated between Christ and his apostles.

• We too want to serve others like the Lord did so let us head up to the bathtub and wash each other’s feet!
• Make a special meal together to celebrate Christ’s Last Supper with those he loved so much!

Good Friday – The day the Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins. How can we convey to our little ones how momentous this day was – how amazing our Lord’s sacrifice!

Good FridayHave an age appropriate discussion with your children about Christ’s sacrifice for us. With the younger ones, talk about how sad everyone who loved Jesus must have been that he died. For the older ones, go into more detail about how he suffered because he loved us so much.
• Go through the Stations of the Cross – either at home or at the church. It’s amazing how much the kids can understand about Christ’s crucifixion.
• Make your own construction paper crosses to put up in your home today.

Holy Saturday – A day of anticipation before Easter, we can find ways to relate that anticipation to our children.Holy Saturday

• This is a great day to decorate Easter eggs. As dying them sometimes takes a bit of patience and waiting, we can relate to them the anticipation of waiting for Jesus resurrection.
• We like to put up an Easter tree on this day, but without any decorations yet. The decorations are put out after the children go to bed so they are ready for Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday – Alleluia!! Alleluia! Christ is Risen!

• Attend mass together – even if you have to fight through the crowds!
• Hunt Easter eggs!
• Decorate those Good Friday crosses with white paper flowers!
• Celebrate a special meal with family!
• Praise the Lord!! Have a Happy Easter!Easter 2

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  1. Carrie Spellman says:

    Great ideas for Holy Week! I especially like the idea of making Easter cards for friends and family. Thank you.

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