Guardian Angels

As a child, we hear much about guardian angels.  “Wow!  Your guardian angel must have been watching over you as you crashed your bike!  You don’t have a scratch on you!” Or “Angel of God, my Guardian dear…”  Or “You keep your guardian angel busy!”

With my own children, I know of several occasions where I swear the hands of their angels kept them from getting angelhurt.  One example, just last weekend, is when our youngest went skipping through the house, as she waited impatiently for her birthday party guests to arrive.  She tripped, fell and missed cracking her head on the corner of the wall by centimeters!  That would have put a crimp in her celebrations for sure!   Her angel must have put his hand between her head and the wall!

My oldest son and I often talk about his guardian angel when I am tucking him in to bed.  You see, he has a very vivid imagination and can sometimes scare himself as he’s drifting off to sleep with unpleasant images.   But we pray for his guardian angel to stay by him, to protect him from those thoughts, to keep him safe, and he sleeps more securely knowing that his angel is standing guard through the night.

In the Bible, we see citing of the three archangels, Raphael, Gabriel, and Michael, acting as healer, messenger and protector.  But we also see verses where God has sent his angels to us.  As in Psalm 91:11-12 says, “He has given his angels orders about you to guard you wherever you go.  They will carry you in their arms in case you trip over a stone.”

These angels do watch over our beloved children, keeping them from harm and guiding them on right paths.  But do you think that they go away after we grow up?  That we no longer need them as adults?  I don’t think that the angels leave us just because we believe we are too mature for such things – because they are sent by God to spend our lives with us.   Haven’t you ever experienced a close call while driving or happened to run into a friend unexpectedly?  Perhaps those were cases where God was sending our angels to speed our reflexes to be able to stop the car in time, or guide our steps so that we cross paths with someone who needs us or who we need.

Our angels are always there to light the way to Christ, to guard us from the evil one who wants to harm us, and to guide us on the path of God’s will all the way to Heaven.  So talk to your angel today – he or she has always been there to watch over you.  Why not ask for their prayers for your life – since they praise God at the altar in Heaven, not many could not be much closer!

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